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7 Simple Tips to CRUSH the Holiday Season Poker Games
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The holidays are upon us and that means soft (easy) poker games. Because this is the time of year when people are inside more often and ready to gamble it up! With Covid this year the games have actually already been amazing throughout most of 2020, as most of you already know.This is because many newer and inexperienced players have taken up the game during the various lockdowns. During the holiday season of a normal year, the games are always good, so this year in particular should be incredible. In this article I am going to give you 7 simple ways to crush the soft holiday poker games this Christmas season and into the New Year. Let's get started! 1. Play at the Easy Poker Sites With Lots of Fish It doesn't matter if you play online poker or live poker, playing against weak beginner level players is going to help skyrocket your winnings faster than anything else. So this is why it is important that you are playing at the easy poker sites or card rooms which tend to attract more gamblers and big whales. It is usually pretty easy to locate the bad players pretty quickly.  All you have to do is open a couple tables and watch for all the common signs of fishy players such as: Open limping preflop Min betting the flopBuying in with a short stack/not refilling Chasing every draw Playing out of position too much Calling you down with any pair This is all the kind of stuff that I talk about avoiding all the time here on my poker blog, in my poker books and in my YouTube poker videos. But hey, if you are still unable to spot the fish at the poker tables online even with all of these super obvious tells, there is an even easier way still. Just load up a tracking program like PokerTracker and look for all of the players with a VPIP that is 40 or higher. VPIP Definition:"VPIP" by the way stands for voluntarily put money in the pot. It is basically a fancy term for the percentage of hands that someone decides to play preflop. It tells you who the tight regulars are and who the recreational players are.A VPIP of 20 or less is almost always a tight regular (decent/good player)A VPIP of 20-30 is a bit tricky. It can go either wayA VPIP of 30-40 is very likely to be a bad recreational playerA VPIP of 40+ is pretty much always recreational player, AKA a fishAs you can see below, you can get all this information (and much more) placed directly on your screen at your online poker table by using a program like PokerTracker. In fact, in my 10+ million hands of experience playing online poker I can literally count on one hand how many players I have seen that can maintain a 40+ VPIP and actually win over the long term.It basically never happens. And it doesn't matter if you play 6max, Full Ring or Zoom. VPIP of 40+ = FISH. Plain and simple. You never have to guess again. By the way, to get HUD stats like VPIP on your screen at the online poker tables, you can get the free trial version of PokerTracker right here. 2. Put the Holiday Poker Players on Tilt Something that I often recommend is putting other people on tilt. It still totally baffles me why I so rarely hear other poker coaches/authors/streamers mention this incredibly effective poker strategy. This has been one of the absolute biggest keys to my success at the poker tables in recent years and I have discussed this strategy several times before on this blog.To put it simply, I actively target the weaker players in particular to get them off their game mentally. I want them to be mad at me, pissed off that I keep raising them so much, so that when I finally catch the big hand against them, they are going to pay me off big. Compare this to the quiet tight guy who only makes a bet or a raise with the absolute nuts. Even the fish will notice this and they won't pay you off. So it is very important that you try to get the seat to the direct left of the recreational players if possible and raise them up every time they limp into the pot. Then when they call you can go ahead and make a continuation bet on the flop as well. This will put a lot of pressure on them and force them to fold a lot of hands to you at first. They will start fighting back eventually though and so you will want to switch gears then and tone it down a bit. Lay off the gas a bit with the bluffs. Let them have a few.But this in a nutshell is how you "butter up" the weaker players to pay you off. You actively target the weaker players on your right. Start making a concerted effort to get in their head and under their skin. Be the "bully" in their eyes and watch them start to play even more poorly against you! 3. Over-Bet Jam the River Versus the Recreational Players Something that I have also talked about a lot is over-bet shoving the river in particular versus the weak recreational holiday players. I even dedicated an entire section in my book Crushing the Microstakes to when to over-bet jam versus the fish, on what river cards and so on. And the reason why is because this is a highly effective strategy against them. This is especially the case if you are on their left and you are already in their head, like I just mentioned above. Here is an example of a good over-bet jam hand that I reviewed recently: While this one is on the turn, it is still ok, because you can plainly see what hand the fish here showed up with and the incredibly value that we got.Basically with this over-betting versus the recreational players strategy, you want to be looking for situations where there is a strong possibility that they have a very good second best hand. This is why the absolute best boards to overbet jam the river are ones like: 3♥4♣6♥7♥3♠ And you have something like 6♦6♣ Because the one thing that we absolutely know about fish is that they don't fold straights, flushes or really anything that looks pretty to them. So when you catch a board runout like this, and you have an absolute monster hand like a full house, it often makes sense to just over-bet jam the river. They are 100% going to call ANYTHING if they have a 5x hand or the heart flush on the board above. So why on earth would you ever bet small here?Don't throw away money like most regs do here by betting small. This is the situation where the best play by far is to over-bet jam and win an absolute monster pot. Making plays like this and winning the absolute maximum is how I was able to create some of the highest winnings of all time in the micro stakes games online starting with just $60. Learn My Most Valuable Strategies to Crush the Soft Holiday Season Poker GamesAre you having trouble beating the low stakes poker games this Christmas season? Are you looking to make a consistent part time (or even full time) income playing these games?  That is why I wrote this free little 50 page poker cheat sheet to give you the exact strategies to start consistently making $1000 (or more) per month in low stakes poker games right now. These are the exact poker strategies by the way that I have used as a 10+ year poker pro. And I lay them all out for you step by step in this free guide. Enter your details below and I will send my free poker cheat sheet to your inbox right now. 4. Don't Be So Results Orientated One of the biggest things to be aware of when you are playing in the soft holiday poker games is that the wild players are going to hit their miracle cards sometimes. And quite frankly, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. So your results are going to be up and down a lot. Some days you are going to be winning a lot, and some days you will be losing. It is important not the get too high on your winning days and not get too low on your losing days. As much as it would be nice to be able to consistently make say $50 per day playing poker in your spare time at the micro stakes online, it rarely works this way in reality. In fact, if you play tournaments, you could easily go weeks without any kind of a significant score at all. Although, with cash games your results will usually be a lot more stable. So it is really important that you learn to view your results with a much wider lens.  You need to be prepared for a few rough weeks or even months sometimes in poker. The most important thing to remember is stay focused on the long term end goal of total profit.As I always say, poker is a long term game. Individual days or weeks rarely matter at all. Only your results over months and years tell the real story. There will be all sorts of terrible hills and valleys on the path to long term poker success. This is a brutal game sometimes, I won't sugar coat it for you. And let's face it, isn't that the only thing that really matters? 5. Study the Latest Advanced Poker Strategy Something else you want to be focused on this holiday season is staying up to date with all the latest cutting edge poker strategy. Poker is a game that is always changing and that is why it is important that you are always upgrading your skills and learning from the very best. I actually reviewed it recently on YouTube channel as well: This is by far the best advanced poker instruction and theory available today in my opinion. And this is because Upswing Poker only hires the very best poker players in the world to teach this course. And there are new videos added every single week with all of the most up to date strategies for GTO based play, exploitative analysis, complex solver theory and more. If you want to know how to start crushing not only the fish, but also the good poker players as you move up the stakes, then I would highly recommend investing in a good advanced poker training program like this. 6. Play Poker When the Fish Play Poker This is another biggie for me that a lot of people tend to overlook. It is really important that you are playing poker when the biggest fish are most likely to be online or at the casino. I tend to play absolutely monster sessions when I know that lots of my best customers (fish) are playing a lot. Now, during the the holiday season, there tends to be tons of huge whales and fish playing at most hours of the day, but some times are still clearly better than others. Firstly, weekends are almost always better for you to play poker because this is when the recreational players often tend to be off from work.They are bored at home during the cold winter months (or continued Covid lockdowns) and ready to try their hand at some online poker!This is also when the drunken Friday/Saturday night lunatics come out to play!I have made a killing off these guys over the years...and gotten destroyed by them a few times as well :/  Secondly, you want to play more poker during the evening and late hours in North America and Europe. …