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Tony G Challenges Phil Hellmuth as Pros Line Up to Take Down the Poker Brat
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February 15, 2021 Gossip, Rumors & Buzz Tony G wants a piece of Phil Hellmuth. Just four weeks after ending his political career, G is back in the game and taking aim at one of his old sparring partners. Tony G is the latest player to call out Phil Hellmuth as heads-up fever takes hold. (Image: YouTube/WPT) With everyone taking potshots at Hellmuth right now, including Daniel Negreanu, the loudmouth Lithuanian wants to dance. Tony’s tweet comes at a time when high-profile heads-up battles are becoming the norm. However, for a match between two of the game’s best talkers to happen, it has to take place on TV. Tony G Wants to Resume Rivalry with Old Sparring Partner A potential match between Tony G and Phil Hellmuth would be epic. The two have butted heads on more than one occasion and, in turn, made poker on TV a mainstream spectacle. When it's safer to travel, I'm taking @phil_hellmuth for a dance on the felt. High stakes Hold'em for charity. Who can set this up? International TV is a must! — Tony G (@TonyGuoga) February 12, 2021 Unsurprisingly, G’s tweet brought back memories of old and generated a wave of interest. Alongside fans saying they’d “watch anything” the two were involved in, other names were thrown into the mix. The outspoken Luke Schwartz and Will Kassouf have been touted as players who could raise the stakes when it comes to table talk. Doug Polk and Mike Matusow also have a lot to say. We could even kill two birds with one stone and add Negreanu to the game. He’s currently trying to get a one-on-one with Hellmuth but a ring game for bragging rights could also pique his interest. In reality, if we’re laying odds, we’d say there’s a better chance of Hellmuth playing G than Negreanu. The Poker Brat is a demonstrably strong player and his WSOP record speaks for itself. But when it comes to playing heads-up against the game’s elite, he’s often more talk than action. Indeed, we can’t forget the famous incident with Tom Dwan in 2008 (see video above). Pros Lining Up to Take Down Phil Hellmuth Hellmuth never accepted Durrrr’s challenge and, so far, he’s not accepted Negreanu’s. Neither has he responded to G. He has, however, thrown out a few facts on Twitter which suggest he may be willing to play someone. We know G has spent less time playing poker and more time fighting political battles over the last five years. That could be reason enough for Hellmuth to accept his challenge over Negreanu’s. There’s also the small matter of the match taking place on TV. If there’s one thing Hellmuth likes more than winning and the sound of his own voice, it’s winning and hearing the sound of his own voice on TV. Would anyone be interested in a televised match between the two? Well, fans certainly want it and, so it seems does PokerStars. 🙋 — PokerStars (@PokerStars) February 12, 2021 The online poker operator was the first to respond. Donnie Peters also called on PokerGo to throw its hat into the ring. The initial interest suggests a match may be brewing. However, G might have to fight Negreanu if he wants the first shot at Hellmuth. Written by Daniel Smyth Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America. Share this story This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Related Posts Did you know about our poker forum? Discuss all the latest poker news in the CardsChat forum
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